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I was getting my nails done by this other girl and they were continuously lifting  and have had my nails on for almost 3 weeks now and still there is no lifting and they are so durable. Honestly I’ve never had a nail break yet! I strongly recommend that you take a visit!

– Alice (customer since ’04)

She is the best nail tech there is. My nails barely ever break, very durable because I’m destructive, and I recommend her to anyone! Great job and colors.

– Marga (customer since ’99)

I can’t begin to tell you the number of compliments I get on a daily basis. Whether I have a basic French manicure, polish, or a hand-painted design my nails always look nice and draw attention. I can honestly say, without hesitation, that she is the best nail tech.

– Cher (’92)

I have had my nails done by her for more than seven years and I have NEVER been disappointed! Wherever I go, I get compliments. In fact, she is so skilled that people cannot even tell that my nails are fills… they just think I’ve had a super manicure. I wholeheartedly recommend her. She is, quite simply, the best!

– Kate (’95)

I met her when I started to work at J.C. Penney’s as a Nail Technician. She was the only one that took the time to sit with me and show me what to do. I have always had her do my nails. I would not trust anybody else to do them. She is not only a professional as much as she is a friend to all her customers. You don’t just go to her to have your nails done, you go to get advice on your life.

– Rhoda (’96)

She has been doing my nails for 2 years and I have never been so satisfied. My nails always look beautiful and I am always receiving compliments. She is definitely the best nail tech I have met by far!

-Rica (’00)

She has been my nail tech for… how many years now? It’s been so long and she is so much more than just a nail tech she is a friend! I have been a nurse for 10 years and have had acrylic nails on for a major portion of that time. She  always takes the time to examine my nails for lifting, as well as other problems that may have started since my last fill. She has also taught me what to watch for when changing my polish between fills, this is a real benefit when it comes to maintaining the health of my nails. I get many complements on how nice my nails look and people especially like the wonderful painting she does – I particularly like the snowmen, snowflakes, etc. of winter/holidays. As you can see there just isn’t enough space for all the praise I have for her. I recommend her to people all the time!!

-Ann (’95)

What can I say, our daughter is the best – not only as a daughter, but as the very best nail tech in town. We know you will love her, give her a try!!! You will not be unhappy with any of her work.

– Joy (’73)

I think back to that day when while playing Euchre online, I met another nail professional. In my area, yet! Well, sick and tired as I was of doing my own nails, and untrusting of so many of the “nail sweat shops”, I decided to give myself a treat and have her do my nails. What a smart woman I am!! Not only did I find a terrific nail technician, I found a friend. I thank God for leading me down that path. I love you , girlfriend!

-Dolores  (’99)

I have admired her talents for years on my friend’s hands. Finally in November 2001 I thought I would give it a try. If I don’t like the nails, I can just take them off, right? Something just for me……Well, I love my nails. The best compliment I can give her: “My nails always make me feel pretty…” I’ll never take them off. I’ve seen a lot of nails done by other nail technicians and there is no comparison to her talent.

-Sandy (’01)