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Q- Does it hurt to put acrylic nails on?

A- No, if you get the nails done by a professional and they are done correctly.

Q- Will the acrylic damage my own nails?

A- Yes, BUT only a minimal amount and nothing permanent. If the nails are put on and removed correctly there should be no concern for damage. It also depends on the product used to apply the nails. As long as it does not have the substance MMA in it there will be no permanent damage.

Q- After I grow my own nails out under the acrylic can I take the acrylic off and wear my own nails with nothing on them?

A- No, the product makes your natural nail weak. If you were to remove the acrylic the natural nails underneath will be paper thin. You would have to cut these down and grow your natural nails on your own.

Q- Can I have the acrylic nails shaped anyway I want them?

A- Yes, acrylic nails can be shaped any way you like them. There are 3 main ways people wear them. They are square (most popular) squ-oval, which are flat on top and rounded at the edges and then the third way is rounded.

Q- Can I wear my nails any length?

A- Yes, the length of your acrylic nails is up to you. But there are some things you should consider, like your job and if you have children, also if you are rough on your nails or if you are in a lot of chemicals. I usually suggest (especially if this is your first time wearing nails) to start off with the acrylics at either a short length or an active length. You can always grow them longer if you would like.

Q- How long does it usually take to get the nails put on and filled?

A- A new full set takes about 1 and 1/2 hours. A fill usually takes about an hour. Depending on if you have any broken ones or not.

Q- How often do I need a fill?

A- That is up to you. Usually you need a fill after 2 weeks but some peoples nails grow slower then others. So you can go 3 or even 4 weeks. But remember the longer you go without a fill the more weak the acrylic nail gets.

Q- Why are your prices higher then certain other locations.

A- Good question, my prices are higher because I use a higher quality acrylic that does not have MMA in it. You should check out my page on MMA(click on the link below). The MMA product cost much less then my product does. But it also does tons of damage to your natural nails.